The Pure Math, Applied Math and Combinatorics & Optimization Club

Pure Math Club for short, PMC for shorter

PMC Re-occuring events :

PM / AM / CO Prof Talks :
Every term, the PMC organizes a small talk (30-45 minutes long) to be given by a professor in each of the three departements about their field of study. These are usually self-contained or require only minimal exposure to the topic. Free Snacks are provided.

Over 9k / Integration Bee / Other Contests :
Every term, the PMC hosts a small math contest, open to all math students. Over 9k is usually hosted in each Fall term, While Integration bee is hosted every Winter term. However this is not a rule and the contest host might choose to host whichever contest they prefer, or even come up with a fresh idea. Check the sidebar for this term's contest !

Short Attention Span math Seminars is the PMC's biggest event of the term, where undergraduate students can sign up to give a short talk (20 - 25 minutes) about a subject of their choice, usually related to Pure Math, Applied Math or Combinatorics & Optimization. Snacks along with dinner are provided.

Middle and End of Term socials are gatherings for club members to chat and eat pizza. Contrary to all of our other events which are open to all students, these are exclusive to the club members and an email is usually sent to inform members of their dates.

Location & Time of each event for this term are available on the sidebar !