The Pure Math, Applied Math and Combinatorics & Optimization Club

Pure Math Club for short, PMC for shorter

What is the PMC?

The PMC is simply a group of people who know how to define a group. Don't know what a group is yet? Drop by to find out!

As a club under the Mathematics Society we are located at MC 3033. Our members are interested in various areas of mathematics and if you enjoy being surrounded by people who share a passion for mathematics you might just belong here!

What events does the PMC organize?

We organize various academic and social events, check them out on the side menu. On the academic side, we organize talks by professors and students. Have some interesting math to share? Sign up for a slot at our termly SASMS (Shart Attention Span Math Seminars). Some terms, we also organize math contests!

Contrary to the stereotype of mathematicians being too shy to socialize, when we are not chilling at our office we often meetup for food and board games at events we uninspiringly call BOT/MOT/EOT (beginning / middle / end of term). Food at these events tend to be free or at least have a free component!

You guys sound like my kind of people! How do I get involved?

To join, just show up to the club office and pay the MathSoc mandated fee. We hold a termly Disorganizational Meeting (DisOrg for short) where we elect execs and assign termly responsibilities. Show up and volunteer (or sometimes get voluntold) for positions. You can run for President, VP Finance, VP for PMATH, AMATH or CO, VP Contests, Secretary.

You guys have a sick blackboard/whiteboard in your office, can I work in there?

We often work on our assignments together at our office. It's a nice space with a blackboard/whiteboard, reference books and a computer for music and WolframAlpha! Be warned though, it's hard to be productive when your friends are around!

Why the focus on PM on your short names?

PMC and Pure Math Club somehow became our more popular short names over the years, but we also use PMAMCO club sometimes if that makes you happier. But all short forms including AMC, COC and AMCOPM club are valid according to our constitution!